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Basic CLI features

To view a list of all the available commands and options in your current Leverage version simply run leverage or leverage --help. You should get an output similar to this:

$ leverage
Usage: leverage [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

  Leverage Reference Architecture projects command-line tool.

  -f, --filename TEXT  Name of the build file containing the tasks
                       definitions.  [default:]
  -l, --list-tasks     List available tasks to run.
  -v, --verbose        Increase output verbosity.
  --version            Show the version and exit.
  --help               Show this message and exit.

  aws          Run AWS CLI commands in a custom containerized environment.
  credentials  Manage AWS cli credentials.
  project      Manage a Leverage project.
  run          Perform specified task(s) and all of its dependencies.
  terraform    Run Terraform commands in a custom containerized...
  tf           Run Terraform commands in a custom containerized...
  tfautomv     Run TFAutomv commands in a custom containerized...

Similarly, subcommands provide further information by means of the --help flag. For example leverage tf --help.

Global options

  • -f | --filename: Name of the file containing the tasks' definition. Defaults to
  • -l | --list-tasks: List all the tasks defined for the project along a description of their purpose (when available).
    Tasks in build file ``:
      clean                     Clean build directory.
      html                      Generate HTML.
      images        [Ignored]   Prepare images.
      start_server  [Default]   Start the server
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