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Private Repositories

Working with Terraform modules in private repos

If it is the case that the layer is using a module from a private repository read the following. E.g.:

module "themodule" {
  source = ""
where is a private repo.

SSH accessed repository

To source a Terraform module from a private repository in a layer via an SSH connection these considerations have to be kept in mind.

Leverage CLI will mount the host's SSH-Agent socket into the Leverage Toolbox container, this way your keys are accessed in a secure way.

So, if an SSH private reporitory has to be accessed, the corresponding keys need to be loaded to the SSH-Agent.

If the agent is automatically started and the needed keys added in the host system, it should work as it is.

These steps should be followed otherwise:

  • start the SSH-Agent:

    $ eval "$(ssh-agent -s)"

  • add the keys to it

    $ ssh-add ~/.ssh/<private_ssh_key_file>
    (replace private_ssh_key_file with the desired file, the process can request the passphrase if it was set on key creation step)