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Infrastructure as Code (IaC) library modules

Open Source Modules Repos

Category URLs
Ansible Galaxy Roles bb-leverage-ansible-roles-list
Dockerfiles bb-leverage-dockerfiles-list
Helm Charts bb-leverage-helm-charts-list
Jenkinsfiles Library bb-leverage-jenkinsfiles-lib
Terraform Modules bb-leverage-terraform-modules-list

Open Source + Private Modules Repos (via GitHub Teams)

Repositories Details
Reference Architecture Most of the AWS resources are here, divided by account.
Dockerfiles These are Terraform module we created/imported to build reusable resources / stacks.
Ansible Playbooks & Roles Playbooks we use for provisioning servers such as Jenkins, Spinnaker, Vault, and so on.
Jenkins Modules Module we use in our Jenkins pipelines to perform repeated tasks such as posting to Slack, interacting with AWS CLI, etc.
Helm Charts Complementary Jenkins pipelines to clean docker images, unseal Vault, and more. Also SecOps jobs can be found here.
Terraform Modules Jenkins pipelines, docker images, and other resources used for load testing.