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Kubernetes Kops

Kops is an official Kubernetes project for managing production-grade Kubernetes clusters. Kops is currently the best tool to deploy Kubernetes clusters to Amazon Web Services. The project describes itself as kubectl for clusters.

Core Features

  • Open-source & supports AWS and GCE
  • Deploy clusters to existing virtual private clouds (VPC) or create a new VPC from scratch
  • Supports public & private topologies
  • Provisions single or multiple master clusters
  • Configurable bastion machines for SSH access to individual cluster nodes
  • Built on a state-sync model for dry-runs and automatic idempotency
  • Direct infrastructure manipulation, or works with CloudFormation and Terraform
  • Rolling cluster updates
  • Supports heterogeneous clusters by creating multiple instance groups


Figure: AWS K8s Kops architecture diagram (just as reference). (Source: Carlos Rodriguez, "How to deploy a Kubernetes cluster on AWS with Terraform & kops", Blog post, accessed November 18th 2020).