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the leading, easy to deploy, reusable and most automated solution for defining, provisioning and managing your secure and scalable multi-account AWS infrastructure environment.

Its design is fully based on the AWS Well Architected Framework.

Own your AWS infrastructure
Implement, reuse and scale faster
Bootstrap your AWS Landing Zone
Proven libraries and modules
Modern Terraform, Ansible, Helm, K8s Stack
Optimize your cloud costs by design
Secure your cloud assets and production workloads
Achieve compliance in AWS

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What is Leverage?

Our focus is on creating reusable, high quality AWS Cloud Infrastructure code, through our core components:
▶️ Reference Architecture for AWS
▶️ Infrastructure as Code (IaC) Library
▶️ Leverage CLI

Because all the code and modules are already built, we can get your project up and running on AWS at least 2x faster 🚀 than a consulting company (✅ typically in just a few weeks!).

On top of code that is thoroughly documented, tested, and has been proven in production at dozens of other project deployments by our Engineering Support Team.

Product Features

Why Leverage?

✅ If you implement our Reference AWS Cloud Solutions Architecture and the Infrastructure as Code (IaC) Library via Leverage CLI , you will get your entire Cloud Native Application Infra in few weeks.

✅ We've built every component based on the best recommended practices mainly following the AWS Well-Archiected Framework , granting you ownership to implement, reuse and scale your production workloads faster.

✅ Leverage will solve your entire infrastructure and will grant you complete control of the source code, and of course you'll be able to run it without us.

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Our tech stack

⛵ Opinionated reference AWS solutions composable architecture. Based in the AWS Well Architected Framework. With over 10 years of experience, Infra as code and best practices.

⛵ Leverage facilitates a collection of reusable, tested, production-ready E2E IaC solutions. Leveraged by modules written in Terraform, Ansible, Dockerfiles, Helm Charts and Python.

⛵ Automated deployment workflow via Leverage CLI.

Why our tech stack?

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